How to Make a Study Timetable

Study timetable and its importance

Making a study timetable not only reflects disciplined nature of studying but also makes you prepare beforehand. For a college or high school student having a systematic study timetable is a must for achieving the future that they want.

Before you march for making a timetable you should at least have a complete knowledge about the syllabus you want to cover. You should be satisfied with the content and source of the text books and other materials before you arrange them in your schedule.

Making long term plans can workout, only if you keep a regular eye on the progress written and progress going. The graph of portion to cover should match your ability to perform and for a boost you should keep a record of the progress of your plans in action. Assuming the plans to work by its own can never show you results thus one should make a study timetable by keeping a point of sincerity in mind.

Implementing on your study plans should be your prior business as a student. Easy path can keep you active in each steps of timetable so make sure you don’t exaggerate the task. If you want positive results through your timetable you should keep patience and determination and never discourage your mind by the task you have to do because framing and following the study timetable is entirely up to your will.

Steps to be followed while planning for a study timetable
Keep a systematic sleeping and eating time because having irregularities in it can become an excuse for not studying.
Your regular commitments should be clear in a list. Classes, work, family, sport and travel times should be managed before you make a timetable.
If you don’t want to get interrupted by your family and friends while studying make sure they know about your plans and study times.
Stressing yourself can be vital for your progress thus keep some additional time for relaxation and exercise in your study timetable. By such means you can prevent stress and negative attitude from building.
There should be a division of study hours based on learning and doing homework with a total of at least 3 to 4 hours daily. You can also divide the hours based on theory and practical lessons; it should be according to your convenience.
Keep your study timetable realistic as much as possible. Keep yourself prior and arrange the meetings in such a way that you get enough time for thyself. Like if you have some favorite television program do include it in your timetable.
There should be some spare study time to accommodate any unforeseen assignments and projects. The flexibility of study timetable is very necessary especially for the college students.
In case your time table is not working don’t hesitate to manipulate it. If you are making a study timetable for the first time make sure you revise and update your timetable every once or twice a week.

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