how to concentrate our mind in studies

Few important tips for How to concentrate while studying

Concentration is not a self adjusting habit but a subconscious thing which can be improved through hard work and focus. For a student studying regularly can be a repellent activity especially if they have something more interesting like videogames, mobile phones, friends and television attracting them. However realizing the consequences of such attractions during exams can be tough to swallow. Thus many mediocre students ask a common question to their mentors or teachers which is “how to concentrate while studying?”
For building concentration your first step should be choosing subjects for which you truly have liking. One cannot force the brain to concentrate on something for which it has completely no interest.
There should be an uninterrupted spot for studying because a quiet place can help you concentrate far better than your drawing room flooded with friends and family. A well ventilated and lighted room with proper space for your studying stuff can help you in building the environment of concentration.
Having right type of food and right amount of sleep can help the brain to remain attentive and sharp. This attentiveness can thus be seen in your concentration power to grasp.
If you are making a regular schedule of studying choose hours of morning as such hours are not only calm and full of peace but research also proves that brain shows sharp results of concentration in morning.
Continuous studying is not a recommended habit as brain needs rest in every 40-45 minutes thus make sure you give yourself breaks while studying. A 15 min break for a 45 minute continuous learning is enough.
Concentration can also get down with boredom thus mix your subjects while studying. Study one subject for an hour and for the next hour choose another subject with is different that the previous. You can go for one practical and one theoretical studying sessions. Varieties for the brain while studying can not only prevent distractions but will also create interest. You should select proper subjects in your study timetable
Schools and colleges should promote yoga sessions and classes especially for students near exams because, being related to mental and physical peace there are many brain exercises in yoga which can help students to gain mental peace and thus can help to clear distractions that hinder their concentration power.
Having a proper technique to learn and read can prevent the wandering nature of less concentrated brain. Making short notes and asking questions is a good habit to grasp. Reading loud and summarizing chapters twice a day can also help in growing the concentration.
There are many natural tonic and medicines available in market that can help to raise the concentration power without giving any side effects. Aayurvedic and homeopathic fields can show positive long term results.
Proper time management is also one of the most important aspect for concentration. Because if you have fixed routine for every task than you do not have to worry about any other task while study.
If you are still not cleared about building concentration you can take a personal check by asking yourself “how to concentrate while studying” as one knows the personal pros and cons better than anybody else.

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