Men’s Hair Dying Tips: Things To Know

Men’s hair coloring is getting more and more common, that’s why I consider the need to speak about hair dying tips a real must.

Previously I spoke about men’s hair coloring types (permanent, semi permanent and low-lighting), but that’s not enough. There are also other things to pay attention to, especially if you are dying your hair for the first time.

Hair dying tips

Tip 1: Choose a dye, which is formulated especially for men. Ask in beauty shops — they’ll offer you a good range of best hair products for men. Among them you’ll find progressive hair dyes, which make the hair darker after each wash. They make them look natural as well.

Tip 2: Keep your hair healthy and hydrated. Dyes tend to make hair drier, so choose best hair products for men, particularly high-quality shampoos and conditioners (“Redken,” “Biolage,” “Paul Mitchell“) for colored hair.

Tip 3: Women tend to pair their colored hair with eyebrows and eyelashes, and men color their beards. In this case remember one thing — always use different products for facial and head hair. Facial hair is thicker and drier, that’s why you should use stronger hair dyes. There are some products that are meant for both facial and head hair, but I advise you not to choose them as they usually fail to color either of them.

Tip 4: If you have chosen high-lighted or low-lighted coloring for your head hair, do the same with your beard. Always avoid the overall coloring of facial hair, because it looks too unnatural.

So follow these hair dying tips, and create your new and confident appearance with the hair color you like most.