After Class 10th

Class 10th is over, now what? Many students as well as parents today are perplexed with this question. But a little thinking and careful planning can definitely do wonders to your career or your child's career.

Basically, the moment you enter 10th standard, you start analyzing the subject you wish to take up in class 11th. The preparation begins with self-analysis. While the opinion of your parents, teachers, friends and other social groups are important but it should not be the only/dominant factor.

An ideal thing to do is to consult your teachers, relatives and guardians. Today, options are not limited to science, maths, commerce or humanities. For example If you have a flair for writing and have a good command over language then you can go for arts in class 11th and simultaneously develop your writing skills. Later you can go for journalism course during your graduation.

If you like pursuing a particular sport then do not feel shy or awkward about it. On the other hand, pursue your studies along with sports. Always chose subjects which may give you ample time to practice that particular sport.

if you have a penchant for music or acting or modeling then you can choose subjects that may help you in pursuing these careers after your 12th

Likewise, if you wish to do professional courses like engineering (IIT, DCE) or MBBS (AIMS, DPMT, CBSE) after your class 12th, then you can start preparing right away. You can take professional help but remember there is no substitute to self study. For courses like MBA, nothing can be done now particularly but one can start concentrating on developing his/her analytical, aptitude and English language skills.

Guidelines to choosing a prospective career

• Before choosing a career, you should give due consideration to the circumstances, social status, priorities of your family, your physical attributes, your own limitations and capabilities and so forth.

• Keep in mind your own priorities.

• Academic competence increases if you are able to devote your energies towards the field of your choice.

• You should keep an open mind. You should not go for the traditional careers just because somebody suggested or tried to convince you.

• You can go for your SWOT analysis i.e. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. You should build on your strong points, try to minimize your weaknesses, try to grab the opportunities that may come your way and be wary of perceived threats. You may consult a professional Psychologist if you so feel like.

• These days there is a plethora of information. Do a crosscheck about a given career option. Research well in advance over career options.

• Do not feel shy of seeking the help of a professional Career Counselor. Feel free to consult National Network of Education.

• You should never doubt your own capabilities. Half the battle is lost when you start doubting your own capabilities.

Remember that there is no short cut to success. At the same time, if your field of hobby becomes your field of career, chances of success increase manifold.

Arriving at your best career option is possible, only if you gather as much information as possible on diverse professions and educational opportunities. In no way you should be prejudiced about a job and end up attaching unqualified superiority for professions like medicine, engineering, and the civil services, though one can always have preferences for. Remember at the end of the day all it matters is how much you excel in a profession and the rest follows.

The list of careers is endless. Every body has a place under the sun even if the sun is not benign, you can still make your mark under it by choosing a career option close to your heart. Never mind, you are not good at mathematics or science, you can still choose from a plethora of options from the commerce stream, humanities, and vocational courses.

We at National Network of Education (NNE) are trying a role, howsoever insignificant it may seem, to simplify things for you. With the help of NationalNetwork of Education, each career option seems like the grains appear as a pearl on the golden beach.